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Event Name:Online Programs for Segmental and Suprasegmental Pronunciation (TOP-IG)
Event Type(s):Prof Dev Meeting/Workshop
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segmental and suprasegmental programs

Whether you teach English speaking/pronunciation classes in person, online synchronously or asynchronously, or in a hybrid or hyflex mode, you and your students may wish to use reliable and helpful online programs. Marsha will demonstrate two subscription-based online programs, one that focuses on prosody (Pronunciation in English by and one that focuses on phonemes (Pronunciation Power by She will explain how teachers can get complimentary access to each from Sunburst Media. She'll also demonstrate a free interactive game that trains key consonants and vowels (English Accent Coach). She'll describe how each can be used in a pronunciation course and for individual tutoring. 

Pronunciation in English

Pronunciation in English helps speakers learn to perceive and practice the important elements of stress, intonation, and rhythm to become more comprehensible. Two levels are available:

  1. High Beginning+ (Regular and Medical versions)

  2. Intermediate+ (Regular and Medical versions)

Each level includes pre- and post-assessments with instant scoring (rotating versions) and provides over 300 interactive lessons. Both levels of Pronunciation in English have been reviewed and approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests.

Pronunciation Power

Pronunciation Power offers a speech test that analyzes a speaker's pronunciation of individual consonants and vowels in the context of sentences, give feedback on 52 phonemes and blends. The software includes lessons for individual sounds. The displays include animations and graphic side views to describe how each sound is made. There are extensive practice exercises for listening and pronouncing words and sentences.

English Accent Coach

English Accent Coach trains the brain to recognize new sounds – an essential foundation for improved pronunciation – by using high variability phonetic training (HVPT) techniques to teach learners to better perceive and produce L2 sounds.


Marsha Chan and David Hans

TOP-IG Hosts

Marsha Chan, Co-coordinator, and  Patryk Mrozek, Assistant Coordinator

Event Date:1/28/2022
Event Time:11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
Location:CATESOL Zoom room
Contact Person:Marsha Chan
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