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Event Name:Teaching Syllables and Stress, the Building Blocks of Rhythm and Intonation (Sat 1 pm)
Event Type(s):Prof Dev Meeting/Workshop
Interest Group (IG) Event
Description:In our Pronunciation Framework (2013, Chan, Brinton, & Gilbert) we elaborate on (A) Conceptual knowledge, (B) Descriptive knowledge, and (C) Procedural knowledge. The first three points of (B) are as follows:
  1. The smallest building block of pronunciation is the phoneme (unit of sound) and its allophones (variations).
  2. Pronunciation consists of segmentals (the individual phonemes) and suprasegmentals (stress, intonation, rhythm, and connected speech features)
  3. Syllables and stress are the building blocks of rhythm and intonation.
In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn several ways to help students heighten awareness of syllables and stress, whether in a face-to-face or video conferencing environment. We’ll discuss ways you can integrate these techniques in any class to help students improve their vocabulary, grammar, word attack, listening comprehension, and oral production.
I welcome you to register for this session if you intend to be present and willing to participate actively.

Presenter: Marsha Chan, Pronunciation Doctor on Youtube;
CATESOL Web Manager, Event Registration Manager, Interest Group Chair, TOP Co-coordinator, Summer Professional Development Coordinator

Members: Free
Non-members: $2
Event Date:8/1/2020
Event Time:1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Pacific
Location:CATESOL Zoom Room
Contact Person:Marsha Chan
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